Business Proposal Opportunities

Venues: we want to partner with you!

Interested in promoting & growing your business? Paintings Made by Me partners up with Detroit Metropolitan Area Bars & Grills.

Description: Painting’s made by me is a company that facilitate step by step instructional painting classes, to adults 21 and older, no painting experience required, we work with guest whether it is their first painting experience or they are experienced painters/artiest . Our classes are opened to the general public that reserves their ticket online by purchasing their seat ahead of time. The main purpose of our painting classes is to provide art entertainment and fun, in a relaxed environment, where adults can “unwind, relax and enjoy”, while sipping on adult beverages and eating appetizers.

Executive summary: The purpose of this proposal is for Painting’s made by me to establish a working relationship with Bars & Grill, to offer your company an opportunity to grow and bring in new faces, which will increase your company’s profit sharing potential. The more guest Painting’s made by me books; the more money the venue profits.

It’s a partnership, with no cost to you; which will promote and grow your business!

Paintings Made by Me offers:

  • More customers during the weekdays from tickets reserved for the painting class.
  • Provides all art supplies and materials.
  • Setup and beakdown (before and after painting event).
  • Painting instructor.
  • And most importantly entertainment & fun, which will bring new customers back to your establishment

Venue / establishment provides:

  • Designated area or room for painting party.
  • Chairs & tables (25-30 people).
  • Allow Paintings Made by Me to advertise at establishment & on website, flyers, mailing list, etc.
  • Advertise Painting Made by Me on your venue website.
  • Provide a go to person before, during, and after event.
  • Guests / customers have access to parking lot.

What is the bottom Line?

Benefits of collaborating with Paintings Made By Me:

  • Bring in a new customer base/ new faces.
  • Make more money during the weekdays / slow days
  • The more guests Paintings Made by Me brings in; the more profit your establishment makes.
  • Paintings Made by Me will approximately bring in 25-30 additional customers per painting event.

Ready to promote & grow your business!! All interested venues, please contact Paintings Made by Me, for more details.